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House Cricket Pest Profile

house_cricket_02 house_cricket_01Common Name:
House Cricket

Scientific Name:
Acheta domestica

Order and Family:
Gryllidae, True Crickets

Male 5/8-3/4″ (15-19 mm), female 5/8-7/8″ (15-21 mm). Stout, almost cylindrical. Yellowish brown. Hind wings at rest project beyond abdomen and cerci.

Crumbs and food scraps.

Life Cycle:
Eggs are deposited singly in cracks and crevices during almost any season. Nymphs and adults are present year-round. Females emit a chemical repellent that causes other females to disperse and start families elsewhere.

Mostly indoors, in bakeries, breweries, and kitchens.

Almost worldwide.

The House Cricket is often an indoor nuisance because of its continuous chirping. It emerges most often at night to seek vegetable refuse.

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