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Pest Database

Las Vegas Area Pests

Pest, Pigeons, Rodents, Insects, and Biting Bugs

The Las Vegas area is home to dozens of insects and rodents that attempt to inhabit homes, businesses, restaurants, warehouses, hotels, and just about anywhere humans provide shelter and food sources. Though the most common Las Vegas pests are cockroaches, mice, rats, pigeons, bed bugs, scorpions, termites, ants, spiders, and bees, we’re able to control or exterminate any pest you encounter.

A few of the Las Vegas area pest infestations are more difficult to control and require our specialized and more in-depth treatment processes. These include pigeons, bed bugs, cockroach infestations, scorpions, and termites.

No matter what pests you are dealing with, we’ve been the largest independently owned pest control company in the Las Vegas area for the past 22 years. We’re large enough to cover the entire Las Vegas area but small enough that you can communicate with us easily and directly. We’re family-owned, and pride ourselves in the long-term customers we have and the relationships we’ve built.

Give us a call, you won’t be disappointed.

Africanized Honey Bee (Killer Bee)
American Bumble Bee
American Cockroach
Apache Cicada
Argentine Ant
Bark Scorpion
Bed Bug
Black Fly
Black Horse Fly
Black Widow
Blue Bottle Fly
Brown Recluse
Carpenter Ant
Crane Fly
Desert Hairy Scorpion
Desert Shrew
Field Cricket
Fire Ant
German Cockroach
Golden Paper Wasp
Harvester Ant
House Cricket
House Fly
House Mosquito
House Mouse
Leaf Cutter Bee
Mormon Cricket
Norway Rat
Odorous House Ant
Paper Wasp
Pavement Ant
Rock Pigeon
Roof Rat
Subterranean Termite
Wind Scorpion
Tarantula Hawk
Yellow Jacket


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Progressive Pest Control Las Vegas provides a pest database of Nevada area insect pests, biting bugs, birds, spiders, and harmful pests.