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Tarantula Hawk

Tarantula Hawk Pest Profile

bug exterminator pest control serviceCommon Name:
Tarantula Hawk

Scientific Name:
Pepsis species

Order and Family:
Pompilidae, Spider Wasps

Pest Control Service Recommendation:
Tarantula Hawk Pest Control

1/2-3/4″ (12-20 mm). Short “waist” (pedicel) between thorax and abdomen. Velvety black. Wings reddish to orange, darker, and less transparent at tip and base.

Adult drinks nectar. Larva feeds on tarantulas and trapdoor spiders.

Life Cycle:
Female stings spider between legs, immobilizing it. The female quickly digs a burial chamber, drags the spider inside, lays an egg, and closes the burrow. Wasp larva feeds on the spider, eventually killing it.

Dry hillsides and rolling arid plains.

California to Mexico.

Tarantula hawks are primarily tropical, but several large species are found in the Southwest.

WARNING: Female stings, but only if provoked.