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American Cockroach

American Cockroach Pest Profile

american_cockroach_02 american_cockroach_01Common Name:
American Cockroach

Scientific Name:
Periplaneta americana

Order and Family:
Blattidae, Blattid Cockroaches

Pest Control Service:
Cockroach Pest Control
Cockroach Flush Out

1 1/2-2″ (38-50 mm). Reddish brown with yellowish edges and markings on pronotum. Yellowish stripe along front margin of each fore wing. Slender antennae are longer than body.

Moist human and pet food and other organic matter.

Life Cycle:
Female carries egg capsule containing about 12 eggs and abandons it after 1-2 days, usually in some dark crevice. Nymphs require about 12 months to attain maturity. Females may survive a year or more.

Crevices of tropical and subtropical vegetation; indoors in hospitals, warehouses, and homes.

Florida to Mexico and, by introduction, indoors in warm buildings from Antarctica to Greenland.

Adults fly well, occasionally attracted to artificial lights at night. They often crawl into grocery packages and are transported to new locations. The related Australian Cockroach (P. australasiae), 3/4-1″ (19-25 mm), is dark red to brown with yellow markings. It is well established as far north as San Francisco and is a greenhouse pest in Connecticut.