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Field Cricket

Field Cricket Pest Profile

Cricket Pest Control Field CricketCommon Name:
Field Cricket

Scientific Name:
Gryllus pennsylvanicus

Order and Family:
Gryllidae, True Crickets

Pest Control Service Recommendation:
Cricket Pest Control

5/8-1″ (15-25 mm). Black to dark reddish-brown. Black antennae longer than the body; cerci hairy, longer than head and prothorax combined. Wings do not project beyond cerci.

Plant materials outdoors, including seeds and seedlings of wild and crop plants, small fruits, and when available, dying and dead insects.

Life Cycle:
Female inserts eggs singly deep into the soil. Eggs overwinter in the North, where all unmatured nymphs and adults die of the frost. In the South nymphs and adults may overwinter and produce 3 generations a year.

Undergrowth where there is moderate humidity and protection from night winds and cold.

Throughout North America to Alaska.

This cricket enters houses in autumn, attracted by the warmth. In courtship, the male dances about and “sings” to excite the female.