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Las Vegas Scorpion Control

Scorpion Removal and Extermination Attic Foaming and Dusting for Scorpions
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Scorpion Control and Extermination
Attic Foaming and Dusting for Scorpions

Scorpion Removal Information & Treatment Options

Foaming for Scorpion Control

One of the difficult things about living in a desert environment like the Las Vegas area is the presence of scorpions and the necessity of scorpion control.

Scorpions can be difficult to detect at first unless you’ve had the unfortunate experience of stepping on one in the night or finding one hiding in a dark place like your shoes. Seeing one scorpion could mean your entire home is infested, as one female scorpion can give birth to as many as 100 baby Scorpions.

Scorpions hide in dark places and come out after dark inside the house or when the temperatures begin to cool in the yard and feed on common household pests like cockroaches, silverfish, and crickets. Some species of scorpions have more lethal stings, while others variants have a sting more like a bee sting. Anyone with allergies to bees and insect stings can have severe reactions to even the smallest scorpion sting.

scorpion exterminator spraying pesticide Scorpion found in Grass Foam barrier for scorpions

Scorpion Treatment Option 1 – Scheduled Preventative Monthly Maintenance Service

Progressive Pest Control utilizes various specially formulated pesticides to help in the prevention of a home scorpion infestation.
Customers play a large role in prevention by:spraying for scorpions outside home

  • Removing harborage sites from around your home including logs, boards, stones, bricks, and other objects that can provide hiding places for scorpions.
  • Keeping grass closely mowed near the home.
  • Pruning bushes and overhanging tree branches away from the home.
    Tree branches can provide a direct path to the roof making it extremely easy for scorpions to enter your home.

While it may not be possible to achieve full elimination of a scorpion infestation in your area with this method, a preventative monthly maintenance plan, along with Progressive’s service guarantee can make a world of difference in your goal of pest-free living.

spraying for scorpions outside home scorpion control tech spraying foam scorpion control foam perimeter

Scorpion Treatment Option 2 – Exclusion Treatment

Spraying for scorpions Our scorpion specialists will arrive at your home near dusk and begin with complete a power spray of the areas most likely to be a harborage for scorpions. As the temperature drops and darkness falls our technicians will then survey the area using ultraviolet black lights to locate as many scorpions as possible and trap and remove them.

Scorpions will fluoresce or glow under ultraviolet light making them much more visible and easy to locate with the aid of black light. The reason they glow under a black light is that their exoskeletons have a layer of protein that illuminates when shined upon with the UV light.

With this option, the population is drastically reduced with just the first treatment but it is recommended that a secondary follow-up exclusion be done again within 2-4 weeks to ensure maximum eradication.

scorpion florescing under ultraviolet light

With either service option, we recommend a monthly pest control service to be proactive and prevent scorpions from entering your home and future infestations.


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