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rock_pigeon_01We have over 15 years of cumulative pigeon experience and have successfully removed birds from many buildings in the Las Vegas area. The products we use have proven effective time and again for more than 50 years. Their exceptional design and construction allows them to survive long term exposure to the elements and their maintenance-free performance sharply reduces the frequency and cost of exterior maintenance made necessary by these pest birds. In addition to the benefit of a cleaner, healthier and far more attractive environment, many of our customers have reported a significant cost recovery within just a few years.

Many buildings in the Las Vegas area that have pest bird problems are almost always infested with feral pigeons. The Feral pigeon is a non-migratory bird that lives in one location its entire life, eats anything it can find, and nests in sheltered areas like; roof top eves, under air conditioning units and on structures with over hanging roof lines.

Here is a list of just some of the problems caused by these pest birds:

  • Physical damage caused by caustic droppings on buildings to paint, equipment and facilities.
  • Nesting materials pose a serious fire hazard should the end up in electrical equipment.
  • Drains and gutters can become clogged due to nesting materials, causing heavy backups on roof tops resulting in leaks and in extreme cases, structural collapses.
  • Droppings on sidewalks can be very slippery, presenting a potential danger for accidental slips, falls and possible law suits.
  • Ventilation and A/C systems are prime spots for nesting pigeons depositing debris and droppings into your air supply. Bird-related airborne particles within the system can create “sick” buildings.
  • Pest birds can spread over 60 diseases to humans and animals such as Salmonella and Meningitis.

rock_pigeon_02The following are pigeon services Progressive offers and recommends:

Progressive Pest Control recommends a Flock Dispersal Program. At the start of the program our technicians will place bait at central locations where the pest birds feed to start a routine for the animals. Then Avitrol, a poison with flock alarming properties used for the control of feral pigeons, will be placed at the bait locations, and once ingested will cause the effected to react in a way that will frighten the remaining flock away and then die. This process will be completed with the removal of the deceased birds.

As a non-lethal alternative for pigeon removal Progressive also offers a bait & trap program. Much more involved than our lethal option, our pigeon trapping and removal program requires site selection, trap installation, pre-baiting, trapping, bird removal and a follow up service. To ensure full pigeon eradication this program lasts a minimum of four weeks and may extend further if needed.

To ensure these pest birds have no reason to loiter on your property we also recommend implementing a combination of some or all of the exclusion methods offered Progressive Pest Control. Once the nests of the feral pigeons are removed these areas must be sealed off in order to ensure they do not return and rebuild. Such exclusions are done using an exclusionary fencing or netting to enclose areas under eaves, overhangs and around air conditioning units. Another set of products we utilize are bird spikes which can be installed on ledges, above windows and on signage to stop perching and roosting.

To eliminate the heath risk at your site all nesting materials and debris will be removed and safely discarded and all bird droppings and build-up are power washed away using a natural enzyme based cleaning solution. The washing and disinfecting of problem areas will leave the your property clean and sanitized when the service is complete.

Progressive would like you to know that no matter which service you select we stand by our employees and the services they provide so you can rest assured that the job will be done right the first time, every time. Progressive Pest Control offers a wide range of Guarantees varying from service to service. If you have any questions regarding these or any other service(s) provided by Progressive Pest Control please feel free to visit the “Contact Us” page to email or call and one of our highly trained professionals will be glad to assist you.

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Progressive Pest Control Las Vegas, Paradise, Henderson, Green Valley and Spring Valley offers pigeon control, pigeon removal and pigeon and bird proofing. Get rid of pigeons with pet & kid friendly, organic, natural pigeon control.

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